Monday, 3 December 2012

winter break

winter entered vioently and suddenly last wednesday night while we slept. there we were at midnight standing outside the venue in regansburg in the mild autumn rain and on thursday morning, a freezing snowy world awaited us outdoors. last night, nature repeated itself in bruxelles, with our first snowfall at about 3am - it had been rained on and washed away before this morning, but watching the snow fall on the rooftops opposite as i fell asleep last night was quite beautiful!

wallis and i have just arrived home after a long tour ending with some arena dates with german singer, ina müler. on arriving in belgium and before getting home, i met up with the italian weather ladies in the very special bar des etoiles - an intimate woodland venue perched on the top of a hill in the countryside near ottignes with a warming welcome, a brilliant sound system, an open fire and an beautiful audience warmed by it.

this thursday 6th, i am going to play a solo show alongside ivan tirtaux, one of my favorite bruxelles singers, at another lovely intimate venue, le chat borgne in bruxelles... in the mean time, i've been putting together remix packs for anyone who may want to fuck up my songs (see here for more) - a lovely way to end a heavy touring year. please join us at the show or on the mixing desk!

then it's time for two weeks of christmas markets and mulled wine before popping back to dublin for the festivities - this break is the longest i've had since feburary... ten months of touring - the ups and downs, the highlights - so many, dornbirn for birthday champagne stands out! the spills, the thrills - lots of thrills - but not much sleep - time to play catch-up :)



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  2. good to hear you had a busy year. still waiting for that vinyl though! ;) See you around. Patrick

    1. the vinyl is ready and in small stock... i had a couple in berlin with me last month, but i didn't see anyone!!! i'll bring it back over in january.