Monday, 23 July 2012

press for our (aidan & the italian weather ladies) debut album, "le grand discours"

in march, we released our debut album in germany. because of this, the press has mostly been german, and my german is not very strong! we've spent the past few days tracking down and translating what various publications have been saying about our album. it's funny to read how people hear it... some say its a light and fun album, while others say it's a rich meloncholic album! most loved it, some hated it, but, thankfully, there was nothing in-between - happy my music, at the very least, moved you :)

le grand discours

i try not to read stuff written about me, anyway - my objectivity suffers and my ego grows, but i found myself obliged to do so this time. so, in the heights of my ego, i thought i'd share some snippits with you... i think i kinda learned something from it! now, learn with us (lets not forget the italian weather ladies)...

"evokes an enormous mental cinema of images and feelings. 7/10" - crazewire
"welches ein enormes Kopfkino an Bildern und Gefühlen hervorruft. 7/10" - crazewire

"it's simply wonderful melancholic music orchestrated with a full band... Highly reccommended! 6/6" - stadt magazine
"De la musique mélancolique tout simplement merveilleuse orchestrée par un groupe complet...  Vivement recommandé! 6/6" - stadt magazine
"ist es einfach wunderbar melancholische Musik in voller Bandbesetzung... Ein absoluter Tipp! 6/6" - stadt magazine

"an infinitely rich, moving and natural piece of folk art, which offers continuous surprises. A diamond debut." - glitterhouse
"De l'art folk infiniment riche, touchant, naturel et toujours surprenant. Des débuts 18 carats!" - glitterhouse
"ein unendlich reiches, bewegendes, natürlich fließendes Folk-Kunstwerk entstehen, das immer wieder neue Überraschungen bietet. Ein Debut-Diamant." - glitterhouse

"beautiful songwriting debut for the year-end list... stunning. 4/5" - schallplattenmann
"Joli travail d'écriture qui aura sa place au classement de fin d'année... Magnifique! 4/5" - schallplattenmann
"wunderschönes Songwriting-Debüt für die Jahresendliste... atemberaubenden. 4/5" - schallplattenmann

"There is so much to discover in "Le Grand Discours", people who love Elbow, Nick Drake and John Martyn, will accept it with open ears." - Suite 101
"Il y a tant à découvrir dans "Le grand discours". De quoi ravir les oreilles amoureuses de Nick Drake, Elbow ou John Martyn." - suite 101
"Es gibt also viel zu entdecken auf „Le Grand Discours“, das Menschen, die Elbow, Nick Drake und John Martyn mögen, mit offenen Ohren aufnehmen werden." - Suite 101

"repeatedly enchants the artist's audience with simple, effective melodies and his unique voice. 9/10" - powermetal
"Immer wieder verzaubert der Künstler seine Zuhörer mit einfachen, wirkungsvollen Melodien und seiner einzigartigen Stimme. 9/10" - powermetal

"Very melodic, very quiet, very skillful: Belgo-Irish singer/songwriter pop." - Frankenpost Magazine
"Sehr melodiös, sehr ruhig, sehr gekonnt: Singer/Songwriter-Pop in irisch-belgischer Zusammenarbeit." - Frankenpost Magazine

"Aidan is an artist with heart and soul."
"Aidan ist ein Künstler mit Leib und Seele."

if you have thoughts or feelings about the album, please share them - amazon allows user reviews!

buy "le grand discours"

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