Thursday, 1 September 2011


i have my own sense of style.

by that i mean that how i look and act changes with my mood, my mood changes often and i don't really pay heed to such trivia. you can't dress me up - well, you can, but if you do, i'll be uncomfortable and want to go home - it's no longer me and i enjoy being me!!!

what's really important to you? if it's me, then here i am, if you want to change me, then go find that person elsewhere - i'm sure he exists, there's enough of us in the world!

style is so short term... i mean, i shave my head today, it grows back in six months! i change my shirt today, i can put the old one on tomorrow - but i probably won't; i'll have moved forward!!

i want to create something that lasts... all i have to offer falls on your ears... i hope you enjoy listening! (

you know that feeling when you're sitting on a train and you don't know yet in which direction it is going to move? if you're going to be taken backwards or forwards? i feel that way now! album finished, what next?

watch this space... le grand discours... coming 2012...

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