Thursday, 12 May 2011

love as a fire

whenever i am falling for someone, whenever there is that spark, and especially if we kiss, i feel compelled to give it my all - i feel that anything less would be insulting... i'm like a kid blowing vigorously at the embers, hoping for a flame!

maybe love is not like a fire - maybe it needs to be treated gently? maybe this feeling is passion? lust? maybe all of this would be more rewarding if i'd just calm down! maybe love is a trip and i should just sit back and enjoy the journey? i strive to take each moment as it comes and then to let it pass, when it's gone... not to dwell on it and dwell on it and dwell on it...

maybe love is like water, a mass of individual drops, constantly flowing together in the same direction - sometimes seperating for a moment but usually being pulled back together by an uncontrollable magnetism.

i read somewhere: "i will stop struggling to succeed, but allow myself to submit to the pace which surrounds me - all success will come in its own time" (or something like that)... at first i thought "bullshit - i'm strong enough to make my own path", but the more i think about it, i realise this is the root of most of my frustrations!

i will be water, i will relax and flow with the stream.

(or maybe next week i'll have something different to say on the matter!)

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